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good job cookie

hey, speaking of religion...

you: no one was speaking of religion.
me: well, maybe not, but now that you mention it...
you: *groans*

(anyway, I'm in a playful mood now)
I just had this sort of epiphany that centers around 'God loves everyone'. and he's got a plan. and he doesn't want people to go to hell so he'll do whatever he can to make sure everyone makes it to heaven. and i figured that God even loves the Devil. (just hear me out) God is the father. The Devil tried to encroach upon God's territory, so God punished him. (forgive me for this next bit) It's almost like a father/troublesome teen situation. the Father is well... the Father and the Devil was being all rebellious, so God had to put him in his place. It's that all-encompassing love and my belief in that love that keeps me going. God loves me. and he loves you too. everything you go through is in his plan. sometimes, the plan changes abit (humans are slightly unpredictable), but everything is going to work out in the end. maybe not in the end you may think of (death), but at the end of everything, it will work out.

And homosexuals? will they go to hell? For what? for loving even more than 'normal' people do? oh, yes, let's send all the people who love to hell. *rolls eyes* I mean, come on. It's just love; what are you afraid of? That the world might learn to love unconditionally? That your kids might learn to love? that (oh, no!) you, yourself, might learn to love someone who's slightly different than you? Oh, Heavens forbid!... NOT! Who cares?

anyway, it's late and I need sleep, so later, lovers!

~"One can only be happy if one does not set conditions."~


Yes!! I totally agree! I hate when people use something so sacred as the Bible to justify doing whatever they want claiming 'this is what God wants'. If God wanted it, don't you think that God would do it himself? What really gets me is when they use it to kill whoever when one of the Ten Commandments (the basic laws that all should obey) is thou shalt not kill. And I didn't add this to my post last night but I really think that Hell isn't permanent. Like I said, God wants everyone to get to Heaven to be with him. Hell being permanent kinda prevents that. I believe that you go to hell to be punished, but then you go to Heaven. That makes sense, right?

And why would God be anything like us?! God is beyond us. That's why when people try to question God and understand his plans, they just end up confused.

I don't go to organized Church because I don't want to have to believe whatever I am taught there just because they say it is true. I believe myself, my heart.
Well, I see it as a book of stories, but I consider it sacred because of God's involvment in the stories. But anyway, you have your own beliefs.

No I've never heard of that book but I think that i will try and find it to read it... I wonder if my library has it? I'll see. (yay, slash! *coughs*)
thanks for the links! I just read them and I'm about to go look some more at the sites. This just makes me realize how... sad and pathetic and biased we (as humans in general) are.

oh, do you know if you can join a gay/bi/lesbian alliance group if you are straight? I want to, but I'm straight and just want to show my support. and do you know of any ones I can join on the internet?
Well, that's fine; I'll look around for myself.

I checked out oceans_voice and she(?) is so cool! I asked to be her friend.
that's okay; i can definately understand it. I look forward to reading when I can!