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cloud whee

New story! Cid/Vincent

Title: Human
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cid Highwind X Vincent Valentine
Rating: X / NC-17
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own either of these guys.
Warnings: Um… some slight incoherency and oral
Word count: 1,612
Author Notes: *reads the story* *rolls eyes* *rereads the story*
I'm sorry. This is what happens when I try to force a fic. But I wanted to write it SOOOO BAD! *sigh* Maybe one day I'll go back and… well, make it work. But for now, I am so done with this. Maybe I'll write me a cloud/reno/cloud story to cheer myself up. But not now. BLAH.


Vincent entered the room of the party without a word. All talk ceased as the partygoers looked on in amazement. Unfazed, Vincent walked quickly to Cid and took hold of his wrist, tugging on it firmly.

"Wha-?" Cid managed to get out before he was pulled out of the door fully.

The others were surprised, but knowing that both Cid and Vincent could take care of themselves, didn't linger on it too long (probably due to the amount of liquor that was flowing more than any real lack of concern).

Cid, however, was infinitely curious as to where he was being forcibly taken by his teammate. Vincent said absolutely nothing, was completely silent as Cid knew only a real hunter could be.

"Where are you taking me?" the pilot demanded. Vincent remained reticent. Cid sighed and concentrated on keeping up with his captor's long strides.

Finally, the tall, pale man stopped in front of a large building; it looked like a warehouse. Not releasing Cid's wrist, Vincent pushed the wide door open and stepped inside, pulling Cid in after him. Cid looked around as Vincent released him and closed the door tightly. It was a warehouse, and it looked like it hadn't been used in a while. Cid knew he could open the door if he needed to, but he wanted to know why Vincent felt the need to bring him to this place.

After closing the door, Vincent walked into a room to the side whose door was hidden in shadows. Cid hadn't even noticed it. Interested, Cid followed and found himself in a bedroom or sorts. It was very bare, but it had a bed, a small table, and through an open door, Cid could see the bathroom.

Vincent sat on the edge of the bed, obviously ill at ease.

Slowly and quietly, the blonde pilot moved closer to him and sat on the right side of him. Vincent glanced at him, but then looked away, eyes glittering like polished rubies. "Why did you bring me here, Vincent?" The ex-Turk said nothing. Cid tried another approach. "This is where you've been living, isn't it?" Vincent nodded once, after a moment. A few minutes of silence passed before Cid tried again. "So… why am I here now? And why only me?" Vincent sighed imperceptibly.

"Please… I… have a… favor… to ask of you," he whispered. Cid nodded and Vincent picked up the hand closest to his. He examined it, looking at the faint scars. He turned his face back to Cid. "Tonight, let me… let me be human. I just want… to feel."

Cid frowned slightly, clearly confused. Realizing this, Vincent raised Cid hand until it warmed the air next to his cheek. There Vincent paused and let the question shine in his eyes. "May I?" he said hoarsely.

Speechless at this new side of Vincent, Cid only nodded dumbly. Vincent sighed and Cid noted that he seemed more relaxed now, if just a little. Closing his eyes, Vincent let Cid's hand come to rest on his smooth cheek, and he nuzzled it.

The pilot felt a low vibration through the contact, but it was pushed from his mind as Vincent turned his head and his lips met Cid's calloused palm. Cid focused on the look of pure pleasure painted across Vincent's pale face; it seemed to come from how Vincent was now kissing and licking the entirety of Cid's hand - licking up the side of a finger slowly, teasing, before sucking the whole thing into his mouth, making sure Cid knew just how hot and moist Vincent's mouth really was. Cid felt himself hardening within the confines of his jeans at the thought of what else Vincent could have in his talented mouth. However, Vincent seemed to be very content to work only on his hand; he made no advances even past his wrist.

"Vincent…" he half moaned out.

Vincent's glowing eyes snapped open and he released Cid's hand as if it were a live coal. Guilt obvious on his face, the dark-haired man stammered "I-I'm sorry. I never should have tried-I didn't mean to lose myself-I can't believe I took advantage of your generosity like that!"

Quickly, he moved away, but Cid could see his apparent reluctance. "You can leave now. That was enough. Thank you." Confused now more than ever, the blonde almost yelled "What? I wasn't telling you to stop, dammit!"

Surprise was the first evident emotion on Vincent's face. After that came confusion and disbelief. "I-You didn't mind? You didn't want me to stop?"

"Hell no!"

"And maybe… just a little bit… enjoyed… what I was doing?"

Cid frowned. The man clearly didn't realize what a delectable picture he made while sucking on anything, whether it be a finger or a… Cid cleared his throat. "Why in hell wouldn't I?"

Vincent looked away now, cheeks coloring slightly, turning them a delicate primrose. (Cid wondered how he would look if his whole body flushed like that…) "It's just that I'm not… human… exactly, and no one wants…" The 'me' hung heavily in the air, unsaid, but understood clearly.

Cid snorted and shook his head. He lifted his other hand and wrapped it around the base of Vincent's skull, pulling his closer as he whispered "Whether or not some people consider you to be human, which you are, doesn't matter. You're Vincent. And that's enough for me."

Immediately after, Cid brought Vincent's lips to his. He caressed them gently with his lips before tasting them, running his tongue over the soft skin and slipping between to taste more. Cid lay back on the bed, bringing Vincent with him to lie on top of him as he stroked unresisting lips. A few moments passed before Vincent actively participated in the kiss, and Cid moved Vincent's leather clad legs to straddle his hips. When he did, he felt how hard Vincent was; they were only kissing. Cid was even just barely hard. He broke the kiss for a moment to catch his breath.

"You really want this, don't you?" At Vincent's blank look, Cid ran a hand down his side to the hard-on pressing insistently against his leg. He rubbed it gently with his palm. Vincent blushed.

"It, ah, yes, well, yes, I do." Cid smiled and pulled off Vincent's cloak and shirt before removing his own shirt. As more of Vincent's skin was revealed, the blonde found himself growing harder, his pants becoming bothersome. He didn't take them off yet, though he wanted to. He also wanted to not scare off Vincent by coming on to hard or fast.

"So…" He looked at Vincent. "What do you want to do?"

"Suck you."

The blunt answer made Cid's eyes go wide. "What?" Meaning 'what had happened to the shy, blushing Vincent that was just here?' Vincent was still flushed, but the pilot had a feeling it had more to do with arousal than embarrassment.

"Might I? You don't mind, do you?" But Vincent was already moving down Cid's body, undoing his pants and massaging Cid's ever-growing erection. Cid blinked.

"Uh, yeah, sure… go ahead." Vincent smirked and slid Cid's pants and boxers down to the middle of his thighs to release his arousal. The light lick Cid received across the slit was the only warning he got before he suddenly found himself fully sheathed within Vincent Valentine's mouth and throat. And Cid was wondering who the hell taught Vincent to deep-throat like that and thanking whatever god of luck that was watching over him that Cid had to find out about this particular skill like this.

The sudden over-stimulation almost made the pilot come right there, but then Vincent's hand was on his balls, squeezing just enough to take the edge off. The ex-Turk tormented Cid for who-knew-how-long, sucking fiercely and swirling his tongue around the head before backing off and gently pressing his teeth to the delicate skin, threatening, before taking him deep in his throat, gag-reflex conveniently absent. Vincent stopped and crawled back up Cid's body to kiss his lips passionately.

Suddenly, the dark-haired man rolled, putting Cid on top. Vincent looked up at him expectantly.

"What?" Cid asked.

"Do you mind returning the favor?"

Cid looked heaven-ward. Did Vincent Valentine just ask me to suck him off? Right after getting me so fucking hard I can't think of anything but having him right now?

Apparently he had because those glittering rubies were still staring up at him, waiting. He wasted no more time and crawled down the hard body under his and opened the pants. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Vincent didn't wear underwear, so he was met with only hard flesh as the zipper slid down the track. Cid slipped the head between his lips and teased the rest with his hand. He was determined to tease Vincent the way the older man had teased him… Only his plan didn't really work when Vincent came in his mouth after a few moments. He debated on whether to swallow or not and then decided to because, well, it was Vincent. How often did he get to taste Vincent on his tongue?

Cid was slightly disappointed because he came so soon, but his disappointments were laid to rest when he saw that his new lover was still hard. He looked up at Vincent, who was smiling.

"Yes, it takes more than once."

Cid smiled and got to work seeing how many times it took Vincent to come before tiring while teasing himself almost to completion over and over by rubbing himself on the bed.

That was a night neither of them ever forgot.


yeah, I've been wroking on it for so long that I've kind of lost the original inspiration for it. In the mean time, I've been reading different fics and so on one day when I would work on it, I wanted to make Vincent on top and have Cid be the shocked/surprised/weepy uke. But then the next day, I would want to have Cid in control and Vincent all angsty. The two really didn't combine well. But I needed to get done with this fic, put it behind me and move on from it. I'm not even going to post it anywhere else. Just on my LJ.

^_^ happy that you liked part of it at least. Honestly, I didn't like that line. I thought it needed more... build up or... something. I don't know. The whole thing wasn't working for me, remember. But my favorite part was...

The man clearly didn't realize what a delectable picture he made while sucking on anything, whether it be a finger or a… Cid cleared his throat.

^_~ I may use that in another (better written) fic later... maybe. Right now, I'm not commiting myself to anything for awhile.
I'll go see about reading some of her work; I'm not sure I ever have. And if you recommend her, I'm sure she's good!

I usually write Vince-angst. Maybe next time I'll write a little Cid-angst...

*chuckles* yes, yes, someday. I simply can't let go of this pairing... (why is it that so many ffvii men go together so well?) ^_^