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cloud whee

Story! RenoXCloud!

Hey! I've a new story here! Hope you all like!

Title: Kissing
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cloud Strife X Reno
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own any of the characters contained herein.
Warnings: Boy/boy kissing!
Word count: 1,863
Summary: Apparently, Cloud can't kiss. It's up to Reno to teach him!
Author Notes: *giggles* Chocobo! Thought of this one night while trying to come up with a plot line that wouldn't end up in smex… and this came out… along with three other smex plotlines. *smacks self* (I really like them though! Just think… frosting, showers, and FF7 boys… mmmmm….)

Cloud Strife was late.

It was pretty unusual, unusual enough that it had Reno pulling out a cigarette and lighting up to soothe his nerves as he leaned against a wall of an abandoned building waiting for his boyfriend. They weren't officially together in Reno's book, although the announcement had already been made to their friends.

They hadn't kissed.

Cloud wanted it to be special, not just a normal, everyday, kiss-your-grandmother-with-that-mouth kiss. Reno hadn't pushed, knowing that he could easily scare Cloud off. It had been hard enough just to get Cloud to agree to go out with him. The Turk shivered at the memories of the flowers and the candies; he tried every way he knew to woo the blonde. He never had to do anything like it before.

So much stress over things that he had never cared about, like were his clothes straight and fresh-smelling; he'd been hard pressed to find an outfit that didn't smell like cigarette smoke for their first date.

Cloud had noticed, mentioned that he smelled less like smoke. Reno, already nervous, had stammered something about how he'd figured Cloud didn't like the smell. Cloud had smiled a tiny little smile and said he didn't really mind it. It was just part of what made Reno… Reno.

"Besides," Cloud had continued, "I'm going out with you, not your clothes."

With that, Reno had calmed considerably. Pulling out of his memories at the distant sound of a motorcycle motor, the redhead realized that he was chain-smoking and down to only 2 cigarettes in the carton. Dammit. He'd have to go shopping again. As he took a last drag of his cig, he saw a motorcycle that he recognized as Cloud's bitching ride.

He'd had a lot of fantasies involving that particularly fine piece of work, more than a few of them involving one of them bending the other low over the bike and fucking until they couldn't stand from exhaustion. The Turk scrubbed out the life of the smoking filter with a shoe as Cloud pulled up in front of him and killed the motor of the bike.

"Hey, Chocobo, what's up for today?"

'Chocobo' rolled his eyes at the pet name and said "get on. I have somewhere I want to show you." Reno grinned at his silent acceptance of the pet name and climbed onto the back of the bike. Resting his chin on Cloud's shoulder, the redheaded Turk wrapped his arms around Cloud's torso. Long fingers ghosted over the blonde's stomach, but for the most part didn't do anything too distracting.

They rode for about an hour, passing the dull wasteland by, everything blurred with their speed. Cloud pushed the bike to its limits, and Reno just laughed, loving it, and shouted at him to go faster if he could. Reno's hair streamed out behind them like a blood red banner.

Cloud let out a blood-curdling scream, startling Reno. The blonde's scream turned into laughter, and Reno shouted "what the fuck was that about, yo?" over the wind.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time. Releases some of the stress," Cloud answered. "You should try it, Reno," he added. Reno just shook his head in slight disbelief before saying "you are such a headcase, Chocobo." Reno looked at Cloud's face and saw that he was smiling. Finally, Reno noticed they were slowing down.

"We're almost there," Cloud said, answering the unspoken question.

"Look." Cloud pointed straight ahead of them and at a promontory that was quickly growing in size as they neared it. Reno noticed Cloud not slowing down anymore; they were holding at a steady 85 miles per hour.

"Cloud? What are -" Cloud interrupted.

"Hang on tight." Reno barely had time wrap his arms even tighter around Cloud's strong chest before the bike's front tire rose high into the air. Reno yelped and pulled closer to Cloud, closing his eyes. The bike sped on.

Finally, the front tire hit a shelf of rock on the promontory Cloud pointed out as their destination. Cloud revved the engine and the bike seemed to freeze between pulling itself up the shelf and falling back on its occupants, crushing them. Cloud revved the engine again and the bike shot up the wall and onto the shelf entirely. Reno cracked open his eyes as he felt the bike go horizontal again and saw that there seemed to be a path leading, he assumed, to the top of the rock cliff.

Now, Cloud slowed considerably as they made their way up the path at an almost leisurely pace. When they reached the top of the cliff, Cloud chuckled as he pried Reno's arms off of him. Reno's body went limp as he slid off the bike into a heap on the ground. He lay sprawled there for some minutes. Cloud sat down a few feet from the bike, closer to the edge of the cliff.

"You are so fucking insane, yo," Cloud heard Reno murmur. "Bat-shit crazy."

Cloud felt Reno crawl behind him and his arms wound around the blonde's neck. The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful swirl of crimson and orange at the horizon. It faded gradually to night as the sky stretched out behind them. Intertwining their fingers, Cloud relaxed against Reno chest, but Reno could feel the remaining tension in his Chocobo's shoulders.

"What is it, babe?" Reno whispered into the ear nearest him. When Cloud didn't answer, Reno moved to his side where he could see his face. Cloud had an indecipherable look on his face. Reno cocked his head to one side and waited. The redhead's eyes widened as Cloud took hold of his chin and crashed his lips to Reno's.

Cloud's eyes were staring into his intensely as he thrust his tongue into Reno's mouth, roughly grazing teeth and tongue. With a chuckle, Reno pulled away from Cloud's fevered kiss and said "wait, Cloud. Wait." The blonde paused.

Reno moved to face his Chocobo more fully, and then took a hold of Cloud's skull in gentle hands. "A kiss is doesn't have to be fast and passionate to be good…" Reno moved his lips closer to Cloud's. "You… just have… to enjoy it," he murmured, his lips a whisper from Cloud's. To the redhead's delight, his boyfriend took the initiative and pressed their lips softly together. When Cloud made to open his mouth, inviting Reno in, the Turk shook his head slightly, declining.

"Lesson 1: Lips," Reno said against Cloud's lips. "Feel the way my lips slide against yours… relish it." He concentrated on leading the kiss by example and let his lips drift across Cloud's. The blonde picked it up quickly, and soon they were enjoying the smooth sensations of skin against soft, warm skin. Cloud glared halfheartedly at Reno when he broke the kiss.

"Lesson 2: Tongue." Despite his words, Reno didn't instantly use his tongue. He gradually built up with just lips before allow his tongue to slip between his lips to slither across Cloud's skin. Reno screwed his eyes shut. His Chocobo was so fucking sweet. Cloud returned the touch tentatively and gave the most beautiful moan when Reno met his touch with own tongue.

Getting lost in it, Reno gasped out "Lesson 3" harshly and parted his lips to place open-mouthed kisses on Cloud's mouth. Cloud yielded to Reno as his slick tongue invaded and explored his mouth. Cloud replied in kind. Reno's eyes opened when Cloud caught his lip between his teeth and tugged gently, moving on to lesson 4 without any prompting.

The blonde's baby blue eyes were bright under half lowered lids, and Reno found himself drowning in the bittersweet taste of ecstasy on his lips. The blonde was so soft and moist and warm that Reno found himself forcing down a moan. He began to think about what had brought this on, but all thought was swept from his mind when Cloud nibbled his lips again. He had never tasted anything so sweet, and absently he wondered if it had something to do with the mako.

His lungs were beginning to burn from a lack of air, but he didn't want to let go ever. Seemingly reading Reno's mind, Cloud broke the kiss, but he stayed close to the redhead, noses gently touching.

"What brought that on, Chocobo?" Reno could have slapped himself. He finally gets to kiss Cloud and the first words out of his mouth sound like he didn't even want it! Cloud just gave a tiny smile in response.

"Happy Birthday, Reno."

The Turk's eyes widened and his mouth fell open in a wonderful imitation of a fish. He backed up slightly.

"Who-who told you it was my birthday?"

Cloud's tiny smile was still there. "Rude might have mentioned it -"

"That fucker! I told him not to tell anybody!"

"But I did get a call from Elena -"


"And Tseng did meet me on one of my deliveries -"

"Son of a bitch!"

"On behalf of Rufus."


Reno stared at Cloud in exasperation. "So what you are telling me without really telling me is that all of the Aces plus Rufus contacted you to make sure you knew about my birthday?"

Cloud still had that tiny smile on his face. "It's getting late. We better head back." Reno stood silently, mind racing, when Cloud rose to move to his bike. Swinging a leg over, the blonde settled down into the seat.

"Coming?" Cloud asked.

"There isn't going to be a party is there?" Reno asked, his aquamarine eyes narrowed in suspicion… and that damn smile was back.

"There's a bottle of whiskey back at my place with your name on it. Let's go get it." Reno was tempted to refuse until he got a straight answer, but his situation wasn't the best. He was the gods only knew how many miles from the city with night nearly settled in completely and there was whiskey to be involved if he just got on the bike and went.

"Fine," Reno muttered and got back on the bike.

"Hang on tight," Cloud said, stifling a small laugh. Reno got a distinct feeling of deja vu.

"Cloud… What -"
Cloud interrupted him with a roar of the engine as it came to life… aimed directly at the edge of the cliff.

"Cloud! What the fuck -" Reno said with desperation clear in his voice.

"Just hang on, Reno."

After pausing a moment to be sure his passenger had a good grip, Cloud revved the engine loudly and released the brake. The bike shot off the cliff and into open air in an instant. Reno let loose a yell as he left his stomach back on the stone face of the promontory. Cloud laughed outright.

"Yeah, Reno! I told you should try it! It helps!"

Reno released a long stream of curses that were lost to the wind as the bike hit the ground with a loud thump. Cloud quickly brought it back under control and sped off towards the city where a bottle of whiskey and a surprise birthday party awaited Reno.

Reno continued cursing.


*grins* That was a little add-on; it wasn't part of the original plotline... but I'm so happy I came up with it! So glad you liked it!!!

Hmmm... punishment... I hadn't thought of that. How fun!!! Maybe that bunny will come to me! XD