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explicit content

Just an odd thought of a sleep-deprived (and perverted) mind...

What if you found someone (to be your significant other) that also wrote adult fanfiction... Can you imagine what phone sex would be like?

Instead of this:
"I take off my shirt and you play with my nipples. I can feel you get hard/wet against me."

it would be more like this:
"I sigh softly against your mouth as you skim your hands down my sides. I enjoy the sensation of you getting hard/wet against my thigh as I lower my weight fully onto you. I trail my tongue over your throat and your body archs beneath mine. A low, shuddering moan escapes my lips as you squirm beneath me."

Now maybe that doesn't appeal to everyone, and I'm sure there would probably be a bit more give and take, but I much prefer the second to the first...

Yeah, anyway, I'm going to bed now. It's not safe to run on this little sleep.


*pokes at you with the yaoi stick-o-doom* hey you! are you still among the living? havent heard from you in like forever. just thought id ask.
heh *sweatdrop* yes, I'm still alive... i've just been insanejournal.com. if you wanna check it out, my name is the same. I've got some new stuff up there. I'll try to update here more often! glad to know that you actually care though! <3