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Jul. 1st, 2008

cloud whee

*sweatdrops* ummm........

so... yeah. It's been almost a year. I feel really bad! I'm sorry! I've left you all hanging! I've been over at insanejournal (under the same name) and I've got a new project called a bishie catalog... it's pictures of favorite bishies that I've drawn. go over and check it out! And i've got new stories up too! So i'll try to update over here, but I'm most active over at IJ. *bows and apollogizes* Sorry!

Aug. 3rd, 2007

explicit content

Just an odd thought of a sleep-deprived (and perverted) mind...

What if you found someone (to be your significant other) that also wrote adult fanfiction... Can you imagine what phone sex would be like?

Instead of this:
"I take off my shirt and you play with my nipples. I can feel you get hard/wet against me."

it would be more like this:
"I sigh softly against your mouth as you skim your hands down my sides. I enjoy the sensation of you getting hard/wet against my thigh as I lower my weight fully onto you. I trail my tongue over your throat and your body archs beneath mine. A low, shuddering moan escapes my lips as you squirm beneath me."

Now maybe that doesn't appeal to everyone, and I'm sure there would probably be a bit more give and take, but I much prefer the second to the first...

Yeah, anyway, I'm going to bed now. It's not safe to run on this little sleep.

Jul. 29th, 2007

good job cookie

(no subject)

Well, a new fandom for ice lady, anyway. This is a guy from Yu Yu Hakusho named Kuronue. You never actually get to see him in the anime, but he shows up in the second movie.

I am in the process of writing a story (it's very long) that involves him and I recently wrote out a scene involving him and the main character named Jade. It's almost fluff... but not really. I don't really know what to call it. Anyway, I'm going to put it here! This little section shall be called 'Comfort'.

ComfortCollapse )

And finally, to accompany the story, (and because ice lady drew and inspired me to draw) here is a pic of Kuronue that I finished today.

Click for fanartCollapse )

The dark stuff behind him is bloodspatter, and the scythe is what he fights with (notice the blood on it...). As to why it's hanging like that... I figure Kuronue threw the scythe as an attack and the pendulum on the other end (which you can't see) got stuck... somewhere. So it hangs with blood dripping off of it.

Jul. 25th, 2007

cloud whee

Story! RenoXCloud!

Hey! I've a new story here! Hope you all like!

Title: Kissing
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cloud Strife X Reno
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own any of the characters contained herein.
Warnings: Boy/boy kissing!
Word count: 1,863
Summary: Apparently, Cloud can't kiss. It's up to Reno to teach him!
Author Notes: *giggles* Chocobo! Thought of this one night while trying to come up with a plot line that wouldn't end up in smex… and this came out… along with three other smex plotlines. *smacks self* (I really like them though! Just think… frosting, showers, and FF7 boys… mmmmm….)

Cloud Strife was late.Collapse )

Jul. 22nd, 2007

cloud whee

New Story! Cid and Vincent and Cloud!

Title: Slash 'n' Story
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cid Highwind / Vincent Valentine / Cloud Strife
Rating: PG
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own any of these guys.
Warnings: AU
Word count: 1,237
Author Notes: I had a dream and this is what happened. I woke up and wrote it all down. I actually had to edit very little of it. It is a college AU that has some implications of Cid/Vincent and maybe if it had continued it could have developed into a Cid/Vincent/Cloud... But you can figure that out for yourselves.

By the way, if anyone wants to continue this, or better yet, turn it into a full fic instead of a oneshot, they are welcome to! I would love to read it, though, so please tell me!
Cloud stomped up the last flight of stairs...Collapse )

Jul. 13th, 2007

cloud whee

New story! Cid/Vincent

Title: Human
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cid Highwind X Vincent Valentine
Rating: X / NC-17
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own either of these guys.
Warnings: Um… some slight incoherency and oral
Word count: 1,612
Author Notes: *reads the story* *rolls eyes* *rereads the story*
I'm sorry. This is what happens when I try to force a fic. But I wanted to write it SOOOO BAD! *sigh* Maybe one day I'll go back and… well, make it work. But for now, I am so done with this. Maybe I'll write me a cloud/reno/cloud story to cheer myself up. But not now. BLAH.


Vincent entered the room of the party without a word.Collapse )
good job cookie

hey, speaking of religion...

you: no one was speaking of religion.
me: well, maybe not, but now that you mention it...
you: *groans*

(anyway, I'm in a playful mood now)
I just had this sort of epiphany that centers around 'God loves everyone'. and he's got a plan. and he doesn't want people to go to hell so he'll do whatever he can to make sure everyone makes it to heaven. and i figured that God even loves the Devil. (just hear me out) God is the father. The Devil tried to encroach upon God's territory, so God punished him. (forgive me for this next bit) It's almost like a father/troublesome teen situation. the Father is well... the Father and the Devil was being all rebellious, so God had to put him in his place. It's that all-encompassing love and my belief in that love that keeps me going. God loves me. and he loves you too. everything you go through is in his plan. sometimes, the plan changes abit (humans are slightly unpredictable), but everything is going to work out in the end. maybe not in the end you may think of (death), but at the end of everything, it will work out.

And homosexuals? will they go to hell? For what? for loving even more than 'normal' people do? oh, yes, let's send all the people who love to hell. *rolls eyes* I mean, come on. It's just love; what are you afraid of? That the world might learn to love unconditionally? That your kids might learn to love? that (oh, no!) you, yourself, might learn to love someone who's slightly different than you? Oh, Heavens forbid!... NOT! Who cares?

anyway, it's late and I need sleep, so later, lovers!

~"One can only be happy if one does not set conditions."~

Jul. 12th, 2007

cloud whee

(no subject)

on a better note, lookie at my new layout!!!
explicit content

(no subject)


lord, please help me get through this! this is an honest plea for help!

so here's the laydown of yesterday and today (because yesterday plays into this, as well): yesterday, I watched my niece (as I agreed to) until about 9:30 when my sister (Candice) called and asked me if I minded watching Nichole (my niece) while she went to her other job (which I knew nothing about and even now, I don't know what the job is, but anyway) for a few hours. She has a something due on friday that if she doesn't pay, she will go to jail for (and guess who I'll be watching even more?) so I say yes because... I mean, I can't really say no, can I? *sigh* So at 3 in the fucking morning, she finally fucking shows up after I spent 2 hours getting her daughter to sleep (finally!) and just picks her up easy as pie and takes her home. Nichole is already sleep so all she has to do is go home and put the girl in bed, while I had to deal with putting her to sleep and I don't even get a fucking thanks for it! I'm not even asking for a heartfelt thank you! Just some kind of fucking thanks!!!
So at about 3:30, I finally fall asleep. But today, I need to wake up and go get my scheldule for school. So i end up getting around 5 hours of sleep before I have to wake back up and go get my scheldule and I didn't even get it because the message that was sent to everyone was wrong and I have to wait till fucking August before I find out what classes I have!! (on a good note, I think my dad noticed I wasn't at my best and he rented me a movie I really wanted to see) So now, I go home and eat before my sister calls and fucking tells me that she's running late and will I please come meet her at the door so I can get my niece. Rolling my eyes, I agree. My niece is acting fucking sleepy (like she has a damn excuse) and not paying attention to a thing I say and doing whatever the fuck she wants. Finally she starts playing with my little sister (Debriana) when Debriana's friend (who I really don't like; she annoys me, always trying to touch when after the only thing I asked of her was to not touch me, and besides, she is sooooo not worth my sister's friendship, but whatever) comes over to play so that is annoying me even more. And now, Nichole is laying on them as they try to play my (I'm very possesive) playstation 2 and their yelling at her to get off and acting so generally fucking helpless that I can't fucking stand it! And they are fucking 9 and 10 years old and they are getting bullied by a damn 3 year old!! At that point (in their shoes), I wouldn't care about getting in trouble. She will move off of me! But no~! they just yell and call to me like they can't just move her themselves! And i know that Nichole is sleepy so I try to lay her down and stop yelling so she'll just go to sleep and stop annoying me, but now she's whining about how the covers aren't perfect~! So I just say fuckitall and leave her. And then Debriana's friend is reading to Nichole, which isn't a problem by itself, but when combined with the fact that she is fucking rapping the story to her - badly - and i don't like rap anyway (for the most part) just bugs the hell out of me! Next my niece starts ripping the wallpaper off the walls - again - and she's whining and my sister and her friend are yelling and jumping on the bed and Nichole's crying cause she's getting in trouble and I've still got like 4 fucking hours of this shit!!!

And to top all of it fucking off, I'm PMS-ing and I've got some kind of lump on the back of my leg that hurts like hell and makes sitting a fucking bitch.

So yeah, how the hell is your day going?

Jul. 2nd, 2007

cloud whee

New story "(Un)Fragile"

(Sorry... no pr0n.)

Title: (Un)Fragile
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Sephiroth
Rating: G
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own Sephiroth.
Warnings: None, really. Maybe a little bit of sad Seph, but really not even that.
Word count: 554
Author Notes: I was bored and taking a break from cleaning and listening to Maria Mena and this came to me. It's supposed to show how, while Sephiroth has been trained to let go of all emotions, humans (even genetically enhanced ones) can't get rid of all emotion that easily. He still has some emotion, but he doesn't really recognize it for what it is.

click here to get Sephiroth!Collapse )

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