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New Story! Cid and Vincent and Cloud!

Title: Slash 'n' Story
Author: Youko_no_Hisui
Character(s): Cid Highwind / Vincent Valentine / Cloud Strife
Rating: PG
Fandom: FFVII
Disclaimer: As much as I may like to, I don't own any of these guys.
Warnings: AU
Word count: 1,237
Author Notes: I had a dream and this is what happened. I woke up and wrote it all down. I actually had to edit very little of it. It is a college AU that has some implications of Cid/Vincent and maybe if it had continued it could have developed into a Cid/Vincent/Cloud... But you can figure that out for yourselves.

By the way, if anyone wants to continue this, or better yet, turn it into a full fic instead of a oneshot, they are welcome to! I would love to read it, though, so please tell me!
Cloud stomped up the last flight of stairs, feeling very heavy and ungainly next to Vincent Valentine, the school's top swimmer. Vincent was 2 years older than Cloud (who was only a freshman), and his body was lithe, as a swimmer's must be, and slender but strong. Vincent was somewhat of a celebrity among the students, so Cloud already knew that since Vincent's family was relatively poor; he had gotten into Nomura University on scholarship for his swimming skill. Cloud, who was also there on scholarship, but for his kendo, hadn't seen Vincent swim yet, but he had been likened to a mermaid due to how he slid effortlessly through the water and performed usually difficult maneuvers with ease and grace. Cloud glanced at the man next to him.

Vincent was fair skinned with lustrous, obsidian hair that went just past his shoulders. His eyes were hazel but were so light, they looked amber. Cloud had heard that they flashed crimson when Vincent was angry…

Finally, they reached a long hall of doors. Numbers were painted on them and Cloud pulled the paper with the room number out of his pocket and read "514" aloud. He realized a moment too late that of course Vincent knew what their room number was! He had been there for 2 years already! Cloud felt his cheeks heat, but Vincent thankfully didn't comment on it. At the far end of the hall, Cloud got his first look at his new dorm.

Vincent pulled a small key from his pocket and opened the door.

It opened onto a living area, and Cloud could see a kitchenette off to one side. On a couch, Cloud saw a man with spiky blond hair, like his own, but shorter. Vincent left the door open halfway and moved into the room, herding Cloud to sit in a chair across from the man lying on the couch. Cloud looked around the room as Vincent hung his keys on a hook near the door. The dorm was tidy, but one could tell that people lived there. In a corner of the room, there was a table covered in what appeared to be parts of a disassembled engine, and as he glanced into the kitchenette, Cloud noticed a few unwashed dishes by the sink.

His gaze returned to Vincent; the dark haired man leaned over the man on the couch (who Cloud concluded must be asleep if he hadn't moved by now) and whispered something in his ear. Cloud didn't catch it, but the spiky haired, no-longer-sleeping man sprung up off the couch, rage and indignation clear on his face… only to turn to confusion.

Vincent released a low laugh that the man winced at. Turning to Vincent, he asked "Reno didn't…" Laugh calming into silence, though a smile remained, the swimmer answered "no, Reno didn't steal Shera." The blonde was not quite as tall as Vincent (though it was close) and broad shouldered. His skin was nicely tanned, and Cloud could see the muscles gliding smoothly under it. The man's eyes closed in palpable relief, and he sank back down to the couch. 'His car', Vincent mouthed at Cloud. Cloud let a small smile curl his lips.

"You know, Vincent, one of these days, you'll get tired of doing that."

Vincent's smile widened. "Perhaps. But not today."

The man opened his eyes and scowled at his roommate. His gaze finally settled on Cloud.

"Who's he?" the man asked Vincent, jerking a thumb at the blonde seated in the chair.

"Cid, this is Cloud, our new roommate. Cloud, this is -"

"Cid Highwind's the name," he interrupted. "I'm a mechanic. Build and restore cars as a hobby." Cid seemed like a very straightforward guy.

"Cloud. Cloud Strife. I don't know what I'm going to major in yet, but I'm here on scholarship for my kendo."

"No major, eh? You a freshman?"


Cid grunted in acknowledgement and nothing more was said about it. Cloud had been a bit apprehensive when he found out his roommates would be a junior and a senior, but now that he had met them, he felt that they were going to get along fine.

"So, Cloud, you want something to drink? Got grape soda," Vincent said.

"Grape's okay, but what else do you have?"

Vincent, who was standing in the refrigerator, smiled. "Got root beer and strawberry, although I'm not sure Cid will give up his strawberry…"

"Hell, why not?" Cid interjected. "I like you, Cloud. You seem pretty alright."

Cloud smiled at Cid and said "thanks. A strawberry then."

Vincent walked over and handed Cloud a can of strawberry pop before walking over to Cid, handing him another and sitting next to him on the couch. Much to Cloud's surprise, Vincent turned and put his legs in Cid's lap before he opened his grape soda. Cid didn't even react to it; he just pulled out a cigarette and lit up.

"Aw, Cid! You said you were quitting!" Vincent nearly whined as he kicked Cid in the side gently.

"I will; I will…" Cid groaned, but he put out the newly lit cigarette.

"If I can't smoke, then I'm going back to sleep," Cid groused. Vincent didn't move; he just took another sip of his soda. Cloud watched their interaction.

Somewhat perturbed, Cid added "so… leave. I want to sleep." Vincent still made no movement, but he did comment "what's stopping you? I'm comfortable enough as it is."

He suddenly found himself making cozy with the floor. Cid had pushed his roommate off of him and the couch; miraculously, Vincent hadn't spilled a drop of his soda.

Cid stretched out once again and simply said "don't bother me. I'm sleeping." Vincent rolled his eyes and stood.

"Well, Cloud? What are you going to do now?"

"Well… I need to pick up a few more books, but I don't where to go. Could you tell me where -"

Vincent interrupted. "I'll take you, since somebody -" Here he stopped to glare at Cid, who didn't respond, "is being moody and a pain just because I'm trying to help him stop an annoying and sickness causing habit."

Cid flipped Vincent off.

"You wish you pain in the ass."

Cid turned and looked at Vincent with a smirk. "You wish I was a pain in your ass."

Vincent didn't respond; he just grabbed his keys and ushered Cloud out of the door, closing and locking it. As they walked, Cloud worked up the nerve to comment on what had just happened.

"Hey, Vincent, I don't want to seem too forward here, but -"

"Just say it, Cloud. If we're going to be living together, we need to be able to talk."

"Alright. Well, to be honest, you and Cid… didn't really seem like just friends. You seemed more like… a couple."

Vincent just smiled, but it was secretive and small. "That why a lot of the girls, and some of the guys, too, know us as 'Slash' and 'Story.'"

Cloud was confused for a moment before it clicked. "Oh, I see; because if you were together, it would be a slash story."

Vincent nodded.

They said nothing else for a while before Cloud's curiosity forced him to ask.

"So… are you?"

Vincent stopped and looked at him for a long moment. A slow smirk covered his face. "That, you'll just have to figure out on your own."


Yeah! That's what I said when I woke up! ^_~ ... followed by a 'I have to write this down!' XD

Glad you liked!
*blushes* You'd really read almost anything I wrote? Just because I wrote it? *blushes again* Thanks...

yeah, I don't usually read them either; sometimes, I won't even read simple AU's... but I liked this one. Maybe one day I'll continue... but I don't know.
You don't like HP? Any particular reason why? Or is it just a general dislike of it? And stalking authors is fine; I do it all the time. If I'm not writing ff7, then I'm writing yu yu hakusho. yu yu hakusho was my first love, my first anime, my first fanfiction, my first yaoi; it opened up the door to everything I am today. I only got into ff7 last year after seeing ff7: ac. I think you might like it too. You should look it up.
*giggles* I actually like HP (though I do respect your opinion). Personally, I like Lupin (the werewolf) and Sirius as a pairing. Would even that bother you? Oh, well, if it does - not a big deal.

Anyway, you should definately look up Yu Yu Hakusho if you can. Hiei is my favorite character, followed closely by Kurama. I'll see if I can find somewhere on the internet...
number 1: I personally refused to believe that Sirius is truly dead.

number 2: You probably don't want to get into a discussion on what might or might not have happened in HP when you just got through saying that you don't like it, so I'll leave it at that.

number 3: *grins* yep, that's me; spreading my addictions like a... well, like a drug. XD Anyway, have you seen any of it? Or are you just looking at pictures? I have to plead with to not watch yu yu hakusho: the movie and judge the anime by that. The movie is fine - don't get me wrong - but the anime is much better than the movie.

I like the middle and end of the anime better than the beginning, as well, but the beginning is... necessary. And it is good, just not as good as the rest.
sorry about this, but I just reread my story and I want people to know how I analyze my own work. I put thought into this! (or rather, I noticed these things as I was dreaming... XD)

Nomura... the creator. Right? I did get the name right?

Vincent and swimming... he's known for being graceful and he wouldn't get a scholarship for being an excellent shot... right?

Cloud and kendo... the only thing with a sword that my sleeping brain could come up with that was real.

Vincent with amber eyes... sooooo not my idea. I read it in a fic (can't remember what story, sorry) that his eyes are amber and turn red when he's angry. Amber eyes (or really light hazel eyes) seem more realistic than red.

If they are together, who's topping whom... notice that this part was left very vague. Vincent is taller (and he really is taller), but Cid is a year older (though in reality, Vincent is definately older). This way, your mind is free to wander and nobody has any real proof of who should top whom! Fun....

The pop thing... I know it's common; people are in college, so they drink liquor. I absolutely detest liquor, and I wanted to subtle say that not everyone who is in college drinks! Pop is fine! Water! Tea! Whatever! No liquor, but still having fun!

Cid and strawberry pop... well, this part was kind of random. Strawberry pop is my fave, so hey why not?

Vincent setting his legs in Cid's lap... HA! I think that is hilarious the way Cid doesn't even care (either because he's used to the way Vincent acts or they really are together) and how him lighting a cigarette could be taken as revenge! But none of this is so obvious that Cloud can know for sure whether they are together! hehehehehe...

Vincent doesn't spill his pop... It just totally fits my image of Vincent that he could be totally (well, maybe not totally) unprepared for being pushed off the couch and still manage not to spill his drink. He's just good like that!

A pain in the ass... I think this part is hilarious too! Cid flips Vincent off... AKA saying fuck you. Vincent says you wish. Vincent is implying that Cid wants him and they're not together or Cid wants Vincent to fuck him and they are. Cid says Vincent wishes he was a pain in Vincent's ass. Either Cid is insinuating that Vincent wants him and they're not together, they are together and Vincent wants Cid to fuck him, or they're just being snarky and don't really mean anything by it.

Alot of people know Cid and Vincent by Slash and Story... yes, there is a 'Slash n Story' fan club. Will Cloud join? hmmmm....

Vincent's behavior throughout... He seems kind of out of character to me, talking and being sarcastic and all that, but I figure that's how he'd act if he'd never been a Turk and involved in Shinra at all.

Cloud's behavior... he seems kind of quiet through this, and I know he's quiet anyway, but he kind of disappears once I really start talking about Cid and Vincent. I think this is due to how shy he is and how little he knows about the other two. He'll get more talkative later, me thinks.


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