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good job cookie

Well, a new fandom for ice lady, anyway. This is a guy from Yu Yu Hakusho named Kuronue. You never actually get to see him in the anime, but he shows up in the second movie.

I am in the process of writing a story (it's very long) that involves him and I recently wrote out a scene involving him and the main character named Jade. It's almost fluff... but not really. I don't really know what to call it. Anyway, I'm going to put it here! This little section shall be called 'Comfort'.

Bone weary, she trudged through the halls, not paying any attention to where she ended up. She stopped before a wide door. She felt like there might be something important about this room, but she didn't care to wrack her brain to remember.

Pushing open the door, she entered a cool, dim room. It was a very large space with high, vaulted ceilings and large windows. The windows, while large, were covered with thick, black curtains, keeping out all outside light. The only illumination came from a table in the corner of the room that had 5 candles burning steadily.

Relieved to finally find somewhere quiet to soothe her oncoming headache, she moved closer to the table, and sat down some ten feet away. Drawing her legs to her chest and hiding her face in her hands, she allowed herself to relax at last. A gentle breeze caressed her skin and she sighed.

Suddenly, a deep voice said "well, hello."

Something told her that she should get up and run, flee from this place of darkness and the voice of a stranger... but she just couldn't. The mask was gone, her guard down. She didn't want to run anymore.

Jade didn't move, even as she felt someone settle gracefully next to her on the floor. A breeze ghosted over her again. Her eyes remained closed even as she felt her companion's gaze sear across her body. The man's voice rumbled out and washed over her again.

"What's brings you here to my residence?" It was calm, not annoyed or rushed. It carried and echoed around the room, surrounding Jade, enveloping her in warm, rich baritone. Something about it was comforting and Jade found herself answering before she had actually decided to.

"Council." Jade thought that sounded wrong, hollow and fake, in her ears.

"No... not council, I guess." Jade paused to try and sort out her swirling thoughts. The man waited patiently.

"I think I need... comfort, perhaps." She tipped her head back against the wall, but kept her eyes closed. She started when she felt a warm weight pushing her head forward and settling across her shoulders. The weight that was obviously an arm pulled her close into a strong body. A large, warm something wrapped around her, and she opened her eyes after all.

A fine boned, proud, and overall beautiful face looked back on her. He had eyes a clear indigo and long onyx hair that fell over his shoulders and across his taut stomach in straight planes. Glancing briefly away from his face as the something around her shifted, she noticed he had great, black bat-like wings, one of which was wrapped around her snugly. It was very soft, and she found it didn't frighten her. Her eyes slid back to his face and something about it rang true in her memories.

"I know you... I've seen you before... but I can't quite remember your name."

A slightly troubled look flitted across his face, but, a moment later, no trace of it remained. He used both hands to gather up his mass of hair into a high ponytail and held it with a fist. "Does that help?"

Without giving her a chance to answer, he said "my name is Kuronue, Lady Jade."

Real fear boiled in her gut and clenched her heart. She made to scramble away, and Kuronue didn't fight her. Instead, he looked at her sadly as she crouched closer to the table. He was between her and the door.

"You're afraid of me now? Pity. We were having such a nice talk."

"But-But they said you wanted me dead!"

"Trust me. If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't have had time to scream."

He folded both wings tightly against his back and settled into a half-lotus position, facing her. "Besides, it would be such a waste to destroy such beauty," Kuronue added lightly.

Jade's eyes widened. "Beautiful? M-me?"

Jade had such a look of longing, as if she wanted to believe him so fiercely, but couldn't. Kuronue couldn't resist and moved on hands and knees to her side where he softly took hold of her chin. He scrutinized her face carefully before staring intensely into her eyes.

"I'm a thief. I appreciate beauty, and I know something beautiful when I see it." Kuronue paused, and Jade's eyes fell half closed lazily; she was beginning to relax. The bat demon wrapped his arms around her, and she relaxed further, nuzzling into his chest slightly.

And finally, to accompany the story, (and because ice lady drew and inspired me to draw) here is a pic of Kuronue that I finished today.

The dark stuff behind him is bloodspatter, and the scythe is what he fights with (notice the blood on it...). As to why it's hanging like that... I figure Kuronue threw the scythe as an attack and the pendulum on the other end (which you can't see) got stuck... somewhere. So it hangs with blood dripping off of it.